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The lineup of cribs and playpens available at  is growing, and the Combi Playard DX is one of our latest and greatest additions. Infants and toddlers up to 30 lbs. will have hours of safe and comfortable rest and play in one of these musical, elegant, and feature filled playpens from Combi. As a spare bed, these portable Combi playpens work any place you can find the space: in your home, in your mother’s living room, or on a nice day at the park.       What does the Playard DX offer for infant children?     The standout features of the Combi Playard DX are that like the baby trend pack n play; its versatile bassinet (for infants up to 15 lbs.) that can either rest inside the Playard where it will gently rock with baby’s movements or mount on the included bassinet. The bassinet stand can rock back and forth, roll around on small wheels, or sit in a stationary position; it also comes with a large mesh storage basket underneath. A comfortable diaper changing station flips up from the side of the playpen, and flips back down to reveal storage pockets for diapers and ointments. The Playard itself is equipped with music, lights, and a vibration mechanism to stimulate and soothe your child while they rest or play inside.

What does the Playard DX offer for parents?

The Playard DX and bassinet stand are built on a sturdy and stable steel frame that folds up neatly for storage or transportation in the included carry bags . . . making the DX great for travel. Locking wheels on one end of the playpen make it simple to move around, even on carpet, and big storage pockets on the rear of the pen provide plenty of space to stow toys and other kid stuff. Combi also offers the Playard Sport, a playpen that is functionally identical to the DX . . . minus the bassinet stand. The colors of the Playard Sport are a bit louder, but the price more subdued.

Below are the most popular backcountry and camping

Products that people are currently shopping forBugaboo Diaper Bag Base GeckoCameleon – Dark Grey Dark Grey

Bugaboo’s newest diaper bag includes a changing mat, a large pocket for diapers, wipes, and other necessities.  Two insulated pockets (one on each side) will keep bottles warm and sippy cups cool.  The base color of the diaper bag itself is grey, and you can choose a colorful fleece flap to cover the bag in blue, red, green, sand, or black – mix and match to complement your stroller!   To order a fleece cover along with your diaper bag, click your color choice above.  Or   click to order additional covers and see pics of all cover options.  The flap can also be used as a changing mat.


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Software At It’s Best

Are you in need of some custom software? I was recently working with a software company based out of Modesto Ca. They are a small operation of 15 developers. But what they lack in size, they more than make up for in their knowledge. They have a dedicated team that specializes in web development as well. They do everything from website development to full SEO services. I have a small business that I have built over the past few years. My online presents has been lacking to say the least. Mostly due to the fact that I know nothing when it comes to computers. So I left everything in these guys hands. What they delivered was nothing short of brilliance. They know what they are doing. They built a site that uses the colors in a very complimentary way. The layout is very easy to navigate. That was one thing I did require from the beginning, since I do not know how to do very much already. I wanted customers who might have the same knowledge base as I do to feel like they can go through my site with some ease.

They had an option for full SEO ranking for my area in my industry. So I had them do that as well. They had me on the front page of google within 6 weeks of the website being complete. My sales increased by 30% the first month. And have remained steady at that now for a few months. The increase in profits have already paid for the service fee. So from here on out, everything is straight profit.

I have left a glowing reference with them for future clients. However, I felt I should write this to let others here exactly what I think first hand. So if you are looking for similar services, give Clear Wave Software a call and get a free consultation. They work with people from all over the country. Not just local. So where ever you are, give them a call today.

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