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Are you in need of some custom software? I was recently working with a software company based out of Modesto Ca. They are a small operation of 15 developers. But what they lack in size, they more than make up for in their knowledge. They have a dedicated team that specializes in web development as well. They do everything from website development to full SEO services. I have a small business that I have built over the past few years. My online presents has been lacking to say the least. Mostly due to the fact that I know nothing when it comes to computers. So I left everything in these guys hands. What they delivered was nothing short of brilliance. They know what they are doing. They built a site that uses the colors in a very complimentary way. The layout is very easy to navigate. That was one thing I did require from the beginning, since I do not know how to do very much already. I wanted customers who might have the same knowledge base as I do to feel like they can go through my site with some ease.

They had an option for full SEO ranking for my area in my industry. So I had them do that as well. They had me on the front page of google within 6 weeks of the website being complete. My sales increased by 30% the first month. And have remained steady at that now for a few months. The increase in profits have already paid for the service fee. So from here on out, everything is straight profit.

I have left a glowing reference with them for future clients. However, I felt I should write this to let others here exactly what I think first hand. So if you are looking for similar services, give Clear Wave Software a call and get a free consultation. They work with people from all over the country. Not just local. So where ever you are, give them a call today.

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